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Helendale School District

School closed until Friday May 1st, 2020

Welcome to Helendale School District

Good Afternoon Families of Helendale School District Students’

This is Ross Swearingen, Superintendent of Helendale School District with an important announcement.

Today, the superintendents of all school districts in San Bernardino County unanimously agreed to continue with the closure of schools through May1st, 2020. The closure is in response to the state and national emergency in order to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. At this time, all Helendale Schools and events associated with them will be closed until at least May 1st.

As part of this news, we will continue to provide breakfast and lunch to any child 18 and under. Lunches are distributed each day between 9 am and 11 am at the Secondary School in a Grab and Go format. You are encouraged to participate in the program if your family is in need of food during this crisis.

Beginning next Wednesday, your child’s teacher(s) will be in touch with you or your child in order to begin our plan of distance learning for the rest of the time school is canceled. The work that is assigned for distance learning will be a part of the regular curriculum for this school year and will count for grades just as the work that was done while students were still in school. Third quarter grades will be sent home Monday March 30th notifying you of the progress of your child as it relates to the progress of your child toward their final grade which will be earned by the end of the school year. The last day of school is still scheduled to be Thursday, May 28th.

During Spring Break (April 6-10) there will be no distance learning requirements, but the district will continue to offer food service. If you have any questions, I would encourage you to contact your child’s teachers so that they can be addressed by them or forwarded to the appropriate person to answer the question.

To review this communication, school will be closed until at least May 1st, 2020. Food Service will be provided at no cost to all students. Distance Learning will begin next Wednesday for all students.

During this very critical time in our nation’s history, it has been encouraging to see the response of so many stakeholders in the Helendale School District family. I promise you that we are positioned to prevail and we will continue to provide your children with the best education possible, even though it may look a lot different than we had originally planned. Thank you for your support and understanding in a very difficult time.



If you are looking for a premier quality education for your children, then Helendale District is the destination you have been in search of. We take great pride in being a place where kids come to learn in a safe, small school environment.  Our classes are small and teachers really know their students. If these elements are what you are seeking for your children, then join us in Helendale and you will be delighted.

Helendale School District Mission Statement

We the parents, community, and staff of the Helendale School District, believe that young people can be taught to be lifetime learners and competent citizens. We are partners in providing our children with an understanding and appreciation of the past and present, as well as, preparation for the future. We will focus on effective instruction that reflects our local history, concern for the environment and belief in a strong academic curriculum. We will work to ensure a safe and orderly environment, sound fiscal management and a belief that the size of our district enhances rather than limits our possibilities.