Principal's Corner


Principal's Corner

Greetings Parents and Guardians, Welcome to the Principal’s Corner on the HSS website! Below you will find the latest edition as well as copies of my weekly newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Week 34

Hello parents and students,

This week is national teacher’s appreciation week.  We are doing a series of things to help teachers know how much they mean to us and our students.  Please feel free to join in this celebration by writing and email to a teacher that has gone over and beyond or drop of a small token of appreciation.

We are conducting state test make ups this week in efforts to get them all taken on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

This weekend our performing arts department is puting on the Lights, Camera, Action production in our gym.  This will be on Saturday the 14th at 7pm. They are asking for a $2 donation at the door to help support the arts at ACE and RMS.  

In addition to their academic performance, I want to remind both students and parents about the community service expectation that we have here at ACE and RMS.  Students should be looking for ways to give back to the community and we ask that they complete twice as many hours as their grade level. For example, our 9th graders are expected to find 18 hours throughout the school year to give back to their community.  We are hoping to teach the importance of service and thoughtfulness in addition to the traditional curriculum. Your help in this effort is so greatly appreciated.

There is a Canada trip planned for June of 2019.  We hope to provide these explorative opportunities for our students so that they receive an education that is beyond the classroom walls.  If you are interested in this experience for your students, have them see Mr. Estrada in room 4 for more information.

I have again placed a tutoring list on the bottom of the page to help parents and students with options if they are struggling with their school work.  It is a work in project, but I thought that I would share it in case it is helpful to any of you.

ACE and RMS are great environments for students to grow and it is our intent to continue our efforts to improve.  It is our goal to help students evolve and advance so that their futures are limitless. In addition to our curriculum, we value the education of character and integrity by teaching students to be safe, responsible and respectful, and achieve our learning expectations by exemplifying GOALS:


  • Occupational development,

  • Academic Achievement,

  • Lifelong Learning and

  • Social proficiency.  

Thank you