Reopening Information 2020/2021

District Reopening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
UPDATED 10/5/2020

In the correspondence that has been sent out to all stakeholders, it has been impossible to fully address the ever-changing guidelines and concerns we are facing as we prioritize the safety of our children. As questions and concerns arise, we will update this FAQ to hopefully bring some clarity to this evolving scenario.

(All grades) Does my child have to wear a mask at school?

Short answer: In the classroom, yes and while eating, no. While entering and exiting campus, yes. TK to 2nd grade is not required, but it is highly recommended.

Long answer: CDE guidelines states that

“face coverings should be worn:

1. While waiting to enter the school campus.

2. While on school grounds (except when eating or drinking).

3. While leaving school.

4. While on a school bus.”

(Stronger Together: A guidebook for the safe reopening of California’s public schools, page 6) 

(All grades) Where will my child eat lunch?

Short answer: Students will be eating lunch in their classrooms.

Long answer: The models we have developed for the safety of your children includes maintaining physical distancing as much as possible while they are in our care. To this end, students will be eating lunch in their classrooms. Hot lunches will be delivered by trained staff to the classrooms as well.

(All grades) What precautions are being taken regarding positive COVID testing?

No-touch, daily temperature checks will be administered before students enter school. Temperatures in excess of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be logged and monitored. Should a student register with a fever, as has been common practice in previous years, the student will be quarantined until they are picked up by a parent. Areas utilized by the student will be cleaned and sanitized before the area is used again.

If a student tests positive for COVID at a health-care facility, the school will notify families of the result (personal data will remain anonymous) and a two-week, stay-at-home quarantine may be enacted. Our current hybrid model will support a smooth transition from in-seat to at-home learning so that your child’s education does not miss a beat.

(HES) Is my child going to get PE and/or recess?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer:  We understand the need for our students to move and expend energy through the day (as some parents say, “to get out the wiggles”). While recess and PE will take on a different, more structured look, we are preparing to increase staffing to facilitate physical distancing and sanitation guidelines so that kids still have an opportunity to be kids.

(TK and K) Why have Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten moved to half day?

The age of TK and K children is one filled with wonder and exploration. It was the decision of the district that to place the social distancing and sanitation requirements on children of this age for a full day of school would be detrimental to their learning and social-emotional well-being.

(HSS) What does the hybrid model look like?

Creating a hybrid model that ensured social distancing for our students through the school day was a difficult task considering that traditionally students move from period to period which exposes them to the entire student population multiple times per day. In addition, per CDE guidelines, passing periods would be further impacted since every high-touch point surface would have to be cleaned and sanitized between classes.

In order to remove the student risk associated with passing periods, we have developed a hybrid model where teachers rotate instead of students. Our teachers are trained in, and will be implementing safety protocols to reduce the chance of exposure to our student body as they rotate.

To maintain social distancing the student population had to be cut in half. Your student will be assigned to either Monday/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays. Students will not attend campus on Fridays. During in-seat class, lessons will be delivered as normal with explicit instruction given as to what should be completed on at-home days. Your child will still be working on their classwork 5 days per week.

(HES) The 6th grade at HSS will be following the model described above with one major exception. Their teacher will not rotate. Like previous years, the 6th grade classroom will be self-contained with one teacher and 15 or less students. They will exit their class for PE and receive structured breaks at their teachers’ discretion. It is important to note that 6th grade students at HSS will not be interacting with students from ACE.

(RMS) Grades 7 and 8 will be split as described above. Little modification was necessary to adapt the middle school model to our hybrid model.

(ACE) Students in grades 9-12 are grouped primarily by their English and social science courses, followed by PE and mathematics. Due to the current climate, there will be some elective restrictions, but some structured movement of students (less than 10% of the student population at any given time) will occur for those students who have an elective offered at ACE. Edmentum electives and other course offerings will be offered to students who would like to explore classes not traditionally held on our campus.

Where can I find out more information on COVID-19?

Please refer to the San Bernardino County Health Department for the latest local information on what is happening with COVID-19.


Refer to the latest national information with the Center for Disease Control.

What learning opportunities are available for my child to enhance them academically?

All Helendale School District students have access to our computerized learning programs. This can be accessed using Clever:

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